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FTN interviews Actor Steven Yeun who plays Glenn in The Walking Dead

March 10th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Image Expo 2012 hosted a variety of comic venders, various publishers, artists and actors. I was lucky enough to get another one on one interview with actor Steven Yeun who plays Glenn on AMC’s The Walking Dead. With previous roles on Law & Order: LA and The Big Bag Theory Steven’s got a promising career ahead of him…if the zombies don’t get him first!

Katie: Hi, Steven, I’m a big fan of the show, so my first question is what do we have coming up for Glenn?
Steven: When we left off we kind of left off with him in a decision-making mode between is he going to go live a non-reckless life or live more of a reckless life. I think you’re going to see more of that struggle and kind of grow. He’s turning into more of a man, or something like that. We’ll see what happens…

Katie: Your love interest in the show [Maggie Greene played by Lauren Cohan] does that storyline differ from that in the comics?
Steven: It’s not entirely different at all. It’s just more in-depth and specific in dealing with, more a visual thing instead of being a story thing.

Katie: How did you get into acting?
Steven: In college. I joined my school’s improv group and just kind of got sucked into the whole thing.

Katie: Where did you go to college?
Steven: Kalamazoo College in Michigan. It’s a small liberal-arts school.

Katie: So you’re from Michigan originally?
Steven: Yes.

Katie: Are you now working and living in L.A.?
Steven: Yeah I live in L.A., we split time between L.A. and Atlanta.

Katie: Going forward in the series are you going to get more hands-on with the zombies?
Steven: In the second season there was quite a bit, and I think there’s more coming. I had a couple kills and I think as we keep going there will be a lot more.

Katie: Are people going to end up leaving the farm?
Steven: *smiles* I have no idea.

Katie: Ugh!
Steven: Can’t tell ya. I know. Nice try, trying to get it out of me but you can’t get it out of me.

Katie: Dang. Foiled again. There’s a fabulous team that does all the zombie makeup, tell us a little about them.
Steven: Yeah, it’s KNB, Greg Nicotero’s company. Their whole team is fantastic, they all won Emmys. They’re brilliant and do such an amazing job every single day.

Katie: So far what’s been the most difficult scene you’ve had to do emotionally?
Steven: I think a lot of the emotional difficult stuff is still coming up for me. Yet to be seen.

Katie: With Shane and Rick there’s a lot of tension building up, is this tension going to make a big ka-pow?
Steven: Yes, the foot is on the pedal right now and it’s just going to get gnarly. The next four episodes are pretty insane.

Katie: Are you signed on for season three and four?
Steven: *shrugs* I don’t know. Cause if I tell you that then you might know what’s up, so I can’t tell you.

Katie Dalton
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