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FTN is slightly possessed with new movie release

September 3rd, 2012 by Big Phil Comments

The Possession is a new cinema release that is setting box offices alight in America and will soon be sending shivers down our spines here in the UK.

We at FTN have been really excited about this film, so we caught up with Emma Toynbee, a real psychic, to discuss some of the issues raised in the movie. Emma is renowned psychic medium whose areas of expertise include psychic mediumship, psychic tarot card reading, psychometry, and remote viewing.

Her psychic mediumship ability came naturally from a young age. Inherited via the maternal line, the ability within her family can be traced back for many generations. Upon moving to London, she embarked on a lengthy period of intensive study, undertaking courses in many of the varying psychic and mediumistic disciplines, both at the College of Psychic Studies and the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain.

Emma also completed her BA Fine Art, at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. Her time spent at St Martins has given her specific expertise when it comes to interpreting signs, symbols, and reference images in the context of psychic work, mediumship, and channelling. She then went on to work as a remote viewing facilitator at the College of Psychic Studies alongside Debby-Kay Edwards. She now teaches a variety of her own psychic mediumship and yoga courses, workshops, events, and retreats across London, the UK, and abroad.

Here’s a few questions we put to Emma in a brief but very formative interview:

FTN:  There have been a number of recent studies that have shown, via various brain and physical examinations, that individuals who are “possessed” have unusual brain activity. Have you read these medical journals and if so, what is your opinion on them?

ET: I’m afraid I haven’t read them, and I don’t believe in ‘possession’ per se, but I could certainly believe that of personality trance mediumship (which is what the idea of ‘possession’ is based upon)

FTN: In recent years, there have been a number of reported “possessions” in South America. Do you think there is a supernatural reason for this, or is it that the families of those involved are being more open and honest about it as opposed to “brushing it under the carpet”?

ET: I feel people are being more open about it nowadays, even as recently as 50 years ago you would have faced being committed to a psychiatric hospital for these things. So there has been a lot of fear-based cover ups.

With The Possession gripping (literally) audiences world wide, information like this from a trusted and world renowned source is a perfect vehicle to balance both the believers and non-believers.

Does possession really exist? Well, that is really up to your own personal beliefs and experiences. But if you find yourself wanting more after seeing The Possession, then you can find more information about EmmaToynbee by visiting her website: and also

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