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FTN reports: Denver Comic Con: A Success or A Flop?

June 20th, 2012 by Crowbar Comments

Denver Comic Con is something that is extraordinary for Colorado. Typically held in San Diego and New York, Comic Con is where comic book nerds congregate to buy swag, meet voice actors and actors alike. There are a plethora of panels to attend and of course, to see all the people dressed up as their favorite character from Star Wars, DC and Marvel. While some were good, some where terrible and others put most to shame, Comic Con is something that every nerd should experience at least once in their lifetime.

While I am not the biggest comic book nerd out there, I still partake in the reading of comics such as Spider-Man and Green Lantern. I was a bit out of my element compared to a gathering I attended the week before Comic Con known as E3. Nonetheless I has always wanted to go to SDCC. DCC was the closest thing I could get and I was perfectly fine with it.

After bypassing the ungodly line for registration because being a member of the media is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread, I went upstairs to the dealer’s room/artist alley. This is where a lot of the pictures are taken due to the autograph area with people like Jasika Nicole of Fringe, James Marsters from Buffy, as well as some of the cast from The Walking Dead. Along the way the General Lee, Ecto 1, Jurassic Park Jeep, and Kit were there as well. If you do not know what I just named you need a crash course on The Dukes of Hazard, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park (obviously) and Knight Rider.

While my inner nerd burst with joy, I could not wait to get to the autograph area. As I walked down the strip of celebrities I noticed Tom Kane. You may know him as Yoda from the Clone Wars series. I know him as Professor Utonium & HIM (Powerpuff Girls), Darwin (Wild Thornberries), Mr Herriman (Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends), and Monkey Fist (Kim Possible). The guy practically voiced my childhood. Upon getting to one other end of the line I noticed an area where an exchange of money was taking place.

This is where you would pay to get an autograph and/or picture with select famous people. As a poor person I was not expecting this at all. Then I saw the prices. Holy crap my wallet practically ran away (good thing it is on a chain). Unfortunately I could not get Mr. Kane’s autograph. All was not lost, I did get Jasika Nicole’s, who by the way is super nice. You may know her as Astrid from Fringe.

As I snapped some more pictures of people like an anatomically correct Power Girl. My buddy and I decided to go attend the Fringe panel featuring Jasika. While I am not the biggest fan of Fringe, attending this panel and meeting Jasika makes me want to get into the show. That, and I fear my life on FTN will be short lived due to Mr Marc Savage being the biggest Fringe fan I know. I am getting off track. The panel was enlightening and the fans asked some rather strange questions like if Leonard Nimoy has an old man oakey scent.

Later on there was a brilliant panel about how some writers got to working in comic books. A few of them even worked for DC and is currently writing the New 52’s Batgirl. While I am a Marvel guy (YEAH I SAID IT!) I was excited to see how these writers broke into the industry. A brilliant point I have been telling people for a while now is that writers have a harder time breaking into comic books and other mediums because with an artist you can look at a picture and tell if you like it. With a story you have to read and it takes time. That point was illustrated (HA) very clearly during this panel.

The woman working for DC Comics and is currently writing Batgirl was asked a question near the beginning of the panel. Because she is a woman, is the response and criticism different and harder for her rather than a man. This was the moment when I was going to either stick around or leave the area. I knew this question was going to come up and I was dreading it. She answered, “I have never experienced any kind of inequality in this industry. The idea that woman are frowned upon in the world of comic books is an over-exaggeration.) I damn near stood up and clapped for equality because I am sick of hearing about the nonexistent sexism in comic books.

There was a rather large gap between that panel and the Walking Dead panel. So my friend Jet and I decided to hang out with some friends. While the costumes that were up in the dealer’s room were nice. A lot of the great costumes were down in the lobby. There are three personal mentions I would like to make as they were easily my favorite ones from the day. There was also an impressive group cosplay going on.

One was Andre, donning the blue and yellow suit of Static Shock. The character that seems to have been forgotten was brought back in Denver Comic Con.

The next was Shauna, her Super Girl was one of the best works I have seen. The quality looked damn near perfect and it was hand made. The costume looked as though it was made by the costume people in movies.

Finally was Kitty and her Harley Quinn. Now, I have made it known I am not the biggest Batman fan and that Harley is one of my least favorite villains. However, her costume stood out and beat every other Harley Quinn there. Her attention to detail was fantastic. It seems like every other lazy cosplayer just dons the typical black and red unitard and calls it good, this does not apply to Kitty. Kudos to her on going the extra mile.

The group cosplay was the “Iron Men and One Woman”. I say this because there was a group of four that were all in Iron Man suits. From the sounds being made it seemed like they were made out of sheet metal. War Machine even had a build in stereo system.

After I witnessed these awesome costumes I noticed it was time to check out the Walking Dead panel. In the span of 10 minutes the hallway was full of people and it was impossible to get through. Which in one instance is a good thing. Jet and I decided to spend the rest of the day checking out cosplays and socializing.

It is safe to say that Comic Con was a resounding success and hopefully it becomes a new yearly thing like SDCC and NYCC. You can check out the full photo album on Facebook.

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