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FTN reviews Aquaman #0

October 1st, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Geoff Johns takes us through a bit of Aquaman’s past here, picking up the event that happened in a flashback in issue #8. While not an origin story as some #0 issues have been, this is more of an event that happened to Arthur Curry that leads to him becoming Aquaman.

If you’ve been reading Aquaman you saw in issue #8 Arthur losing it a little after being outed to the press as an Atlantean. He went a little mental on the crowd of reporters gathered in front of his home before diving off a cliff into the ocean to escape the madness. Aquaman #0 fills us in to what happened to Arthur after making the leap.

After using his telepathic power to communicate with a shark and rescuing a boat caught in storm, Arthur is told of another possible Atlantean who also may be living on land. Arthur goes in search of him to discover a well known character in the Aquaman mythos. Things get a little interesting here as Arthur gets to discover a little bit about his Atlantean roots.

I really enjoyed the story here and the nod to the events of the previous issue. I recently just started reading Aquaman so issue #8 was still fresh in my mind. While filling us in on some of Arthur’s journey to becoming Aquaman, it does seem that Johns is still holding some cards close to the vest. Choosing to give us a little bit at a time instead of hitting us over the head with these discoveries. I really like how he gives us a little bit at a time, while still delivering a very solid story.

Reis and Prado’s art here is beautiful. The underwater panels are where this issue shines with some really great scenery enhanced greatly by the coloring of Rod Reis. The last page splash was breathtaking, I sat there for a few minutes looking at it, allowing my eyes to take in all the wonderful detail. Aquaman has received a lot of praise from reviewers, this issue is a great example why.

4 out of 5 nerds

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