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FTN reviews Detective Comics #0

September 9th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Gregg Hurwitz Pencils by Tony S. Daniel

Epilogue written by James Tynion IV Pencils by Henrik Jonsson

What we get here is the story of Bruce Wayne’s last bit of training before headed back to Gotham to don the cape and cowl. Bruce finds himself in Japan to learn from a long secluded master. Bruce gets a lesson in love and how it doesn’t always pay off.

While this covers territory and ideas that have been long documented in many graphic novels and series, what we get here is a pretty straight ’emotions can come back to bite’ lesson. The story is told well and the lesson is definitely learned come the end of the book.

What I found most interesting though is the epilogue. Alfred has been holding down Wayne Manner for years now all the while using the family resources to try and track down Bruce. Not making it any easier for him are Martha Wayne’s family. Talk about not getting along with the in-laws. Alfred holds them at bay,as if he were protecting the Wayne fortune from wolves, while they try to take everything under the presumption that Bruce is dead.

The epilogue shows just how fiercely loyal Alfred is to the Wayne clan as well as giving us another tidbit of his personal character. Who knew Alfred used to be an actor? Then of course it ends with Bruce coming home.

The stories here are good even if they don’t really add onto the origin of Batman in a way that we weren’t already familiar with. The art here is top notch, especially the panels in which Shaw looks ever so creepy standing by the fire place. Overall this is a good read and I really enjoyed how the main story played out.

3.5 out 5 nerds

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