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FTN reviews Dexter: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl (S7E2)

October 9th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Poor Dexter. He’s been found out by Deb. She not only knows what he is, she knows exactly who he is, The Bay Harbor Butcher. Deb has a plan though, she’s turning her house into a rehab for serial killers, and Dexter is her first patient. Deb plans to keep him under lock and key so he can’t kill. She’s gonna stick with him 24/7. Needless to say Dexter feels this cramping his style, but his only choice is prison. So he goes with it.

Meanwhile Dexter has a game of cat and mouse going with Lewis. This guy just needs to die already. He’s a real prick. Just when we thought we might be rid of him, he shows up again in all his smug glory. Dexter almost gets rid of him too, but then he calls his serial killer 12-step sponsor Deb for help to fight that urge. Noooo! Lewis is a douche! Kill him already! Sadly no, the writers are looking to play out this game longer. I highly questioned Lewis’s motivation for his attacks on Dexter. Dexter dissed your crappy video game? Really? This obviously has to be a misdirection, so we’ll just have to see how that plays out.

In another sub plot we were introduced to Wayne Randall. A convicted killer looking to make things right by helping the Feds find a few bodies that were unaccounted a for. Dexter chats up the fellow wondering what Wayne’s motivations are to give up the goods. Wayne says he is finally just surrendering to his situation. He’s found his conscience buried deep under everything that made him who he is. This reminds me of Dexter’s relationship with the Trinity Killer. Dexter found another kindred spirit, this one with a family. Dexter has a new family of his own and was hoping to get some insight into how Trinity balances having a loving family with his sociopathic urges to kill. Well, we all know that loving family was facade and Trinity was a huge dick to his family, namely because he had no feelings like any good sociopath worthy of the title. Turns out we get the same lesson here. There were no bodies buried, Wayne was looking for a bit of sunshine and a frosty swirl before ending it all by doing his best bug impression in front of a MAC truck. Sorry Dex, no valuable tips here.

Things got interesting for LaGuerta as well as she delves deeper into the mystery of Travis Marshall’s blood slide. She’s still carrying a torch for dearly departed Doakes, and now she knows 100% that he wasn’t the Bay Harbor Butcher. Things are going to heat up here as the season progresses. Will Dexter have to end LaGuerta’s search for the truth permanently? Or will he be able to dodge her investigations with some help from Debra? We’ll just have to stay tuned.

Lets see, what else? More douchery from Quinn and a stripper as he and Batista now know who they are looking for in Mike Anderson’s murder case. Good luck with that. Which leads me to the dead mobster’s boss, Issac, coming to town to look for his dead crony. Issac is pulled off with a magnificent sense of cool and collect by Rome’s Ray Stevenson. Really cool scene with him going all Punisher on a guy with a screwdriver through the eye. One of those scenes that makes you go “Whoa!” all out loud and what not.

Overall this was a great episode that gave us everything we’ve been waiting and hoping for.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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