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FTN reviews Green Lantern #12

August 17th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Renato Guedes and Jim Calafiore

Man, what an issue! After Hal and Sinestro were transported to Black Hand’s family home in the last issue I was curious to see where this would take us. I was not disappointed. This issue picks up with Black Hand receiving the Book of Black before getting zapped by Jordan. This panel covers my one gripe with this issue.

Look, I’m a stickler for continuity. I always notice when a characters pants are the wrong color or when a cartoon character takes damage that seemingly disappears in the next frame. My eyes get drawn to it. On page 4 when Hal blasts Black Hand I couldn’t help but notice in the middle panel Hal’s ring is on his ring finger when the rings are always worn on the middle finger. It probably wouldn’t have mattered if not for the ring being a focal point of the panel. My eyes zeroed in on it and I was stuck contemplating this for literally 5 minutes. Ok, just had to get that out of my system.

Anyway, once Hal and Sinestro escape they walk right into a scene pulled straight from the Walking Dead. Awesome, needless to say. While our GL’s try to fight back against the threat we are treated to the sub plot of the Guardians looking to make changes that will see the destruction of the colored spectrum and the death of all the lantern corps, including their own.

We get to see them plotting from on high as they give a run down on the steps they’ve taken to break the will of the Green Lantern Corp so there will be no heroes to stop them from bringing to fruition their plans for a new corp called the Third Army. This is all done in a villain’s soliloquy further cementing the theory that the Guardians themselves will be the next major enemy facing the GL Corp. Black Hand also gets a huge surprise in the end in the form of a message delivered through the Book of Black.

As always Johns gives us a great story while really ramping up the future of this book and the Corp themselves. I love the twists and turns he’s taken us on through this run and I am excited to see how this Third Army story arc will play out. The art is great except for that misstep I mentioned previously, even with the fact that the duty was split between two artists. You can see the different styles at work here, but instead of being the visual distraction that using different artists can have, the pages here flow pretty seemlessly.

I am definitely looking forward to the GL Annual, Lantern toting a pistol and all.

4 out 5 nerds.

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