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FTN reviews Green Lantern Annual #1

August 30th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Ethan Van Sciver

Man oh man. This is it. The prologue to the Rise Of The Third Army story arc. The beginning of the end for the Green Lantern Corps. The start of a huge crossover event involving all the Lantern books.

The Guardians have lost it. They’re on a mission to eliminate free will. They have a plan to raise a new army of mind controlled yes men to replace the GL Corps. The Guardians just keep getting scarier and scarier since the New 52 debut. They set about freeing the “First Lantern” to use his power as the source for a new army. Here we get the reveal that there’s another group of Guardians that have been in hiding protecting the universe from this First Lantern. This all plays out in a way that makes me think the GL Corp will still have a group of Guardians backing their cause.

Meanwhile Hal and Sinestro have a confrontation with Black Hand that ends badly for our heroes as the Guardians use Black Hand as their own pawn to eliminate the greatest threat to their plans, Hal and Sinestro.

The reveal of the new army was a bit shocking and creepy. The First Soldier’s genesis had me starring at the page in horror. You can already tell this will not be good for the universe. The new army is only two deep at this point, but everything about them screams villain, not peacekeeping task force. It was also interesting to see Ganthet have a moment of clarity before shaking it off. I really thought it was a foreshadow to Ganthet coming back to his senses, but then he goes and commits murder a few pages later.

Johns does it time and time again delivering stories that always manage to shake up the GL mythos to its core leaving me in utterly anticipating the next issue. The work he’s done on the title has boosted the Green Lantern from a character I could care less about to the reason why I sleep, eat and breathe Green Lantern. And reuniting with Van Sciver was a ridiculously wonderful thing. Johns run with Van Sciver’s art had me buying every trade paperback I get my hands on to catch up with Hal Jordan’s story. Nobody, I mean nobody draws a better Green Lantern than Van Sciver. ( No disrespect to Jim Lee of course.)

October will kick off the crossover, Rise of the Third Army, between all the Lantern books and you better believe I will be on it, cash in hand at my local shop.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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