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FTN reviews Jedidiah Starr #1

June 5th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

Jedidiah Starr #1

A man wakes up in a crater in the desert with no memory of who he is or where he’s from. He stumbles onto a diner run by Sarah, a plucky girl who has an ex-boyfriend, Dirk, that she owes money to and he wants paid, in more ways than one. She names the stranger Jedidiah – after her father – and takes him in.

Dirk and his cronies arrive and in the ensuing fight Jedidiah finds he has powers beyond the norm. But the danger isn’t over yet as his past may be about to catch up with him.
This is a classic tale of the man who fell from the stars with no knowledge of his past. It’s a set up issue with the main elements put in place clearly and succinctly; bad pennies, mystery superhero, amnesia, girl in trouble and possible love interest and the evil boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer.
Admittedly there’s nothing new here, but as someone once said: there are no new stories anymore; it’s all in the characters and your emotional investment in them. For every inferno at the Queen Victoria there’s a bloodbath at the Rovers and yet people are hooked. So the question is: do you find Sarah and Jedidiah sufficiently interesting to go back for more? Yes I do.
There are hints of something larger going on with Sarah and the death of her father, but maybe that’s just character tools for the audience to help sympathise with her. At the moment I don’t know. What I do know is I would like to know more about Jedidiah and see Dirk get the kick in the nuts he deserves.
I get the impression Jedidiah Starr is almost a love letter to the early days of comic book heroes. The art itself is very reminiscent of the old Superman days but I don’t know whether this is deliberate or not. This is fine by me as it evokes nostalgic memories of days of old, even when I was growing up with comics such as X-Men and Spider-man.
Are we witnessing a conscious throwback to the golden days to help remind us what a super hero is all about?
Well, I’ll just have to come back and find out.

We’ll be talking to the writer of Jedidiah Starr, Dave Christian in an upcoming episode of FTN Radio

PUBLISHER: View Comics
WRITER: Dave Christian
ART: Jose Louie Hernandez
LETTER: Randy Pare

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