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FTN reviews Lego’s Naboo Starfighter and Naboo

June 5th, 2012 by Marc 1 Comment

Lego Toy Review
Naboo Starfighter & Naboo
RRP £9.99

This toy is part of the new Lego mini-Star Wars line. The set includes one figure, one ship, a presentation stand and a model of the planet the ship and character comes from.

1: Packaging

As always, Lego’s packaging is clean and features great artwork. The presentation shows exactly what the contents are and what others are available in the line (Tatooine with Sebulba and his podracer, the Death Star with Darth Vader and his Tie Fighter round out the first series).
In this particular case the packaging is quite unique as the planet – in this case Naboo – pops out of the packaging. This serves two purposes, firstly you get a good idea of the model before you buy it and, from an environmental point of view, it saves on unnecessary packaging, which is a plus too.

 2: Contents/pieces

As a nice touch, the planet splits open and the contents are inside. As is often the case with Lego, the set is in more than one bag inside and in this case there is no obvious reason for the packaging to be arranged in this way as there aren’t that many pieces in the kit. So, the planet, two bags of parts and the instruction booklet make up the entire contents…

3 Pilot & Naboo:

The first two pieces of the model to build are the Planet Naboo (yes, pop the two halves back together and pow! It’s done) and the pilot, consisting of legs, body, head, helmet, goggles and blaster. Both are easy to make – is there anyone around who doesn’t know instinctively how to construct a Lego figure? Both pieces are really nice and as always, Lego perfectly nails the look anf feel of the galaxy far, far away while maintaining the childish fun and innocence of the brand. The figure is authentically styled and any fans of The Phantom Menace (we know there are a few of you) will instantly recognise the detailing.

4: Constructing the Naboo Starfighter:

The constuction of the ship is simplistic and quick, split over 17 stages. As always it amazes me how Lego manage to make something that looks so much like the real ship with blocks and chunky pieces. The colours are authenic (right down to a little chrome circular piece to act as the R2 dome on the ship’s top) and is unmistakably a Naboo Starfighter.
Due to the simplistic instructions  and age group of the set (6-12) I let my 6-year-old son build the kit. He had no difficulty and enjoyed each step… as did I, sitting watching the Starfighter appearing out of a seemingly random pile of blocks. As you can see from the pictures, construction is quick and the final model is a tiny, tidy representation of the Star Wars ship.

5: Contructing the stand:

The stand is a simple construction of all-black pieces and a name plaque with info on the ship. However, when the figure, ship  and planet are placed together the display comes together quite nicely and will look pretty good on any collector’s shelf.

6: Finished product:

In closing, it must be said that the price tag on the item is a little high (luckily Lego was good enough to provide us with a review product, thank you very much), but it can’t be argued that when it all is put together it is a nice little presentation piece. The real nerd in mae wants to point out that you get a planet, an inhabitant and a sample of the technology of that planet. And archeologist’s dream, then
Once again, with so few pieces and with something so quickly assembled, it is hard to argue with the quality; and any Star Wars fan will instantly recognise the ship and pilot and the planet behind it is a nice bonus – as a side note, there’s a piece that can, if you want, be attached to the planet that allows it t be hung like a Christmas decoration (visible on the planet in our finished pics) or there’s the stand.

4 out of 5 Nerd
Marc Savage
(with assistance from his son)



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