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FTN reviews Megatron and Optimus Prime delux toys from Transformers: Prime

April 20th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Transformers Prime is a computer animated TV show that features the voices of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Peter Cullen and Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show) and is very reminiscent of The Clone Wars TV series.

Transformers have always been an incredible toy line. The thought in the design that goes into transforming a toy from one mode to another has always impressed us here at Order66ToyStore. The toys are so much more complex than Hasbro’s other sci-fi favourites – Star Wars or Marvel Universe. And with Transformers Prime now appearing daily on the Cartoon Network here in the UK, it’s time for Hasbro to roll-out a new batch of Transformers toys.
Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons transforms from robot into a silver and purple Cybertronian jet.
The one thing that immediately stands out about Megatron is the paint deco. It is far inferior to the paint deco on the Deluxe version which is surprising as the Voyager is supposed to be a class above the Deluxe range. A bit of weathering or another shade of grey or silver would have improved the look of the feared Decepticon leader.
One of the things we do like in our toys here at Order66ToyStore is realism or at the very least toys being in the correct scale or proportion to the characters they are based on.
The grossly over-sized cannon, complete with flip forward light up sword, is designed with kids in mind rather than adult collectors.
Once transformed to Robot mode Megatron looks amazing, he stands menacingly around 7½” tall and just looks authoritative with his pumped out chest and broad shoulders.
The Decepticon symbol and head are well detailed. Strangely though Hasbro have used a silver paint application for his face which begs the question why the same paint tone wasn’t applied to other areas of the figure.
Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots transforms from robot into a truck based on the Peterbilt truck from the movie franchise.
Again, disappointingly Hasbro have failed to deliver in terms of paint deco compared with the same figure from the Deluxe class. The main difference being Deluxe Optimus sports nicely painted silver alloys, whereas the Voyager has no coloured alloys.
The transformation from truck mode to robot is a little more complex than the Megatron figure.
Like the Megatron figure, Optimus looks at his best in robot mode. The weapons, which use the same Powerizer technology, are a little disappointing – the MechTech gun is nothing like the more screen accurate First Edition gun.
The blue tinged cab windows look great as the chest section though the cab wheels which should form part of the shoulders are tucked away in the back pack.
Two great figures for both kids & adults and they can be found in store priced £22.99 each

Paul Allen
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