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FTN reviews Splash Area

September 11th, 2012 by Big Phil Comments

Halloween night. A night filled with fancy dress costumes, candy, screams and blood. And then there’s the ‘trick-or-treaters

It’s Halloween in Belfast and there is something strange-er than the usual playful screams that echo in the streets. When four teenagers embark on their night out, none of them had could have imagined what was in store…

A kindly uncle babysits his young niece and nephew and decides to read them a bedtime story, Not Goldilocks, or Snow White, no! This is a story of pure terror, limb wrenching carnage set in the blood spattered wards of an asylum.

The story unfolds like most other stories, four friends dressed in their Halloween costumes go out for the night, but start to question quite early on that something is amiss. For a start there are children, or playful screams. What they do hear are the high pitched and demented laughs of clowns.

These are no ordinary clowns. They are out for laughs of their own kind; the kind where innocent victim’s screams are the clowns own preferred type of excitement. Soon our four heroes’ are battling for their very lives as they slowly uncover a sinister location and even sinister backgrounds…

Splash Area is the brainchild of local filmmaker George Clarke, whose works include Battle of the Bone and The Knackery. Like his previous films, Splash Area is low on budget but high on tongue in cheek humour and gallons of fake blood!

Right from the start the audience is caught in a spell of humour and horror in equal proportions. The cast, some of whom have never acted before deliver both lines and action in equal high quality doses. The script pulls no punches in its delivery of it’s at times blatantly intentional cliché1d lines.

But it’s the blood drenched carnage that provides the most fun. The clowns are actually quite funny in the way they dispose of their victims and throughout the films running time, we see our hero’s dispense their own form of justice.

This is a great horror comedy that has elements of Tobe Hopper and Edgar Wright in equal blood splattering measures.

4 out of 5 nerds

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