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FTN reviews Star Wars: Darth Vader And The Ghost Prison #5

September 24th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Haden Blackman

Art by Agustin Alessio

Now this is how you wrap up a series! Vader and company are all set to take Coruscant back from Gentis and reclaim it for the Emperor. They have a plan, and it includes using Moff Tarkin as a Trojan Horse. The twists and turns here are done brilliantly. Liuetant Tohm’s monologue during the final battle was great. I loved how he compared their forces to Gentis’s in the midst of the heated scenes. Kudos goes to Blackman for some great dialogue.

Once the battle is won the freed allies from the Ghost Prison get their rewards which led to another great scene from Moff Trachta, a new favorite character of mine. Even for an Imperial you can see that his code of honor really means something to him, and his reaction as the freed prisoners get their hard earned reward was awesome. As was Lieutenant Tohm’s plan to deliver the new allies’s reward. The moment that takes the cake is the last few pages when Vader shows his appreciation to Tohm for all his hard work and service.

This has been one of the best Star Wars series to be released in a while and was easily one of the best all around comic events this year. Anyone who missed out on this should go down to their local comic shop and pick up all these issues. Luckily mine is really good at keeping back issues in stock. The art here is killer too. Props to anyone who can give us a really great look of surprise from a cyborg who has robotic eyes.

A rare 5 out of 5 nerds for issue #5

4.5 out 5 nerds for the series

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