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FTN reviews Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Revival (S5E1)

October 3rd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

“Insolence?! We are pirates! We don’t even know what that means!” This past weekend saw the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I feel a little empty inside when this toon goes on a break so it was a welcome return. The premier continued the story of a returned Darth Maul teaming up with his brother, Savage Opress, to continue his quest for vengeance against the Jedi.

Within a few minutes Savage is taught to learn his place, and from there Maul puts his plans into play by (ahem) co-opting a team of pirates to start building an army. Maul quickly turns these pirates against their former leader to try and grow his forces even more. That’s where Maul runs into a problem as Obi-Wan is swiftly on his heels to stop the two Sith warriors.

First off, has any one else noticed that every time Maul and Kenobi get into a lightsaber duel it’s always accompanied by deep choir music being sung in Latin? But man, did we get some great action and some great dialogue here. I loved Hondo as the pirate leader who is unabashedly not selfless. When a plan is mentioned that might mean the sacrifice of another, as long as it takes the heat off of him, he’s all for it. That was refreshing, we know he’s a pirate, but Star Wars is full of noble characters. Hondo, however, has no problem letting you know he’s not of them. I think what really endeared him to was that this was always done in a comical way.

The plot here was well served by the action and pushed forward at a fast pace,though the tide turned against Maul a bit too quickly, I enjoyed the brisk pace since from time to time Clone Wars can trudge on a bit slowly. Filling the space with lots of dialogue and not enough action. We see that a lot with episodes that focus more on the politics of the Star Wars universe. We need that from time to time to push along a plot, but I’m glad they chose to go action heavy for the premier. They also picked up a bit of a Star Trek ploy here with sacrificial lamb. When Kirk and team beam down to planet, they always bring a Johnson or whoever with them, and chances are Johnson probably won’t make it back to the Enterprise.

Giving us a bit of Maul was a great way to get this season started. I do hope they choose not to over expose him though. I’d like to see another story arc play out before we get back to Maul. I’m also hoping to see him interact with Palpatine a bit as well. How will Palps feel seeing Maul declare himself as a Sith master? I am looking forward to seeing where this story is going to take us.

4 out of 5 nerds

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