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FTN reviews Talon #0

September 30th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Guillem March

Talon is a new addition to the Bat family of books and spins out of the Court Of Owls story arc. In Talon we take a look at the life of Calvin Rose, a former Talon for the Court, who managed to escape the Court’s grasp and is now trying to live a normal low key life.

Like most Talons, Rose was a child performer with Haly’s Circus (as was Dick Grayson), specializing in an escape artist act. Calvin Rose was a child runaway who was taken in by Haly and trained to be one of the best escape artists ever. Normally the Court looks to groom children with more acrobatic ability like Grayson, but the Court of Owls decided that Calvin’s abilities would come in handy as a Talon.

The book takes us through his tryout as a Talon recruit and gives us a little glimpse at his training through flashbacks, leading up to the reason why Calvin decides to escape the Court of Owls. While in a more present time (which we are told takes place five years ago, I’m guessing five years before Talon #1) we see Calvin leading his normal life until it gets interrupted by a Talon who is hunting for Calvin.

Everything about this book works for me. The story is on point, though a little predictable, and was quite entertaining. A few key moments stood out to me. One was a particular spot for hiding a lock pick, an old trick of Houdini. The other being a great line where Calvin demands to know where the hell his pants are. Guillem’s art is also superb here with a standout panel that shows a close up of Calvin’s Court recruiter with facial features that almost make him look like an owl. I thought that was brilliant.

I have a feeling that going forward this book will put Calvin in the shoes of the reluctant hero. The guy who is just trying to stay hidden but through circumstances will find himself having to become the hero in a sort of Bruce Banner kind of way. I’m also holding high hopes for some adventures in or around Gotham which may have him cross paths with the Caped Crusader or even better with Nightwing as Grayson and his family have direct ties to the Court of Owls. I can say that I’m definitely excited to add Talon to my pull list.

4 out of 5 nerds

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