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FTN reviews Young Justice: Darkest (S2E9)

October 10th, 2012 by Christopher Williams 1 Comment

Darkest is right. This show just keeps getting darker and edgier by the episode. This past week’s was a real head turner. Aqualad, undercover in his father’s operation must prove himself to The Light. They don’t trust him yet so they give him one final test. Taking a team with an undercover Artemis, Aqualad storms the Young Justice base kidnapping Blue Beetle, Impulse and Beast Boy. Oh yeah, and he also blew up Mount Justice in the process.

Man, what an episode! Kaldur “I think I’ve outgrown the name Aqualad” is really selling his undercover role. Blowing up Mount Justice in the end was a total pimp move. Artemis’s hesitation to do so and Kaldur’s “Do it” were great little key moments. His plan to get access to Mount Justice was great too. Somehow he knew Impulse just wouldn’t be able to help himself but take the Trojan Horse alien tech back to base, allowing Kaldur’s team full access. But wait, it was all a set up! Nightwing and Kaldur set the whole thing up, even the destruction of Mount Justice.

Kid Flash confronts Nightwing at the Hall of Justice about Artemis’s safety being undercover in Black Manta’s organization. Kid Flash gets crazy all over Nightwing’s behind leaving Nightwing to have to explain the whole plot to Kid Flash and in the process letting us viewers in on the plan. This scene was done quite well and I love how Nightwing and Kaldur will go to any length to bring down The Light and stop the pending alien invasion. Man, I think the Young Justice writers have been watching 24 recently because I’m seeing a whole lot of Jack Bauer flying around.

We also got some great humor as well. I love the dynamic between Blue Beetle and the source of his power, the Scarab. The Scarab is a no nonsense entity, caring about nothing but results, while Jaime Reyes has to deal with his conscience and humanity. The Scarab is one crazy and scary entity and its great to see how Jaime Reyes has to keep it in check. I also love how he talks to the Scarab out loud while the Scarab communicates in his head. It gives him a bit of that I’m crazy look, but we viewers know better. His relationship with Impulse is also another highlight. How great was it when Impulse showed up at Jaime’s house in full costume not realizing that in our time heroes maintain secret identities. In Bart Allen’s future time heroes identities are known to the world. There was a little love thing going on here, but it was so useless to the story I won’t even go into it.

I do have one point of confusion though. In the grotto of dead heroes under Mount Justice is a representation of Robin. I always assumed it was Tim Drake because Jason Todd has never been represented in an animated series. Could this dead Robin be Jason Todd. Tim is my favorite Robin and I would hate to think that he was a goner so quickly.

Overall this was easily one of the best Young Justice episodes in the show’s run. I’m loving how we’re going to a very dark place with these stories and characters. This is easily the best DC cartoon since Batman: The Animated Series aired. If it weren’t for the useless love story on the rocks filler this episode would’ve been perfect.

4.5 out 5 nerds

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