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FTN reviews Young Justice – Satisfaction (S2E8)

October 3rd, 2012 by Christopher Williams 2 Comments

Can I just say, Young Justice is one of my favorite shows on TV period. I like the characters. I like the storylines and I like how the show can take a turn into the darker areas of the characters. The season premier chooses to focus on a recovered Roy Harper dealing with the loss of his arm, the loss of eight years, finding out he was cloned and what he feels was a mentor that let him down big time in Green Arrow. I thought his clone, Red Arrow, was dark. The real Roy will give the clone a real run for his money.

Fleeing his hospital bed, Roy goes on the hunt for Lex Luthor, the man responsible for his abduction and subsequent cloning. He goes to great lengths to get his revenge including an awesome scene where he wraps Luthor’s arm in an explosive rope in an attempt to take an eye for an eye. In the end Luthor makes an offer to Roy that he just can’t refuse and takes on the name Arsenal, a name he took in the comics after also losing his arm.

We get a few side stories here that really don’t amount to much to the story. Jaime Reyes lamenting the death of the original Blue Beetle, Ted Kord. The girls getting together for a little fiesta for Rocket and getting to foil Captain Cold in a robbery attempt and a scene with Superboy (eye roll) brooding some more. I do wish he would move on, my only real complaint about the show. (a few of my friends on Twitter feel the same way)

I loved the action here. The scene where Roy Harper assaults LexCorp. was handled beautifully. That is one area where this series stands out is the intense action scenes. I was a bit confused though as to why we only got a brief mention of Artemis. We know she is undercover in Black Manta’s operation, but we could’ve at least been given an update on her status since that was the big reveal of last season’s finale. There is also a big cast here so sometimes stories for certain beloved characters get sacrificed for the sake of others. But still, no Artemis?!

I also didn’t like getting only a brief glimpse of Nightwing since he is the team leader and my absolute favorite character on the show. (my FaceBook profile pic says it all). One of my Twitter friends recently pointed out how this version of Dick Grayson acts more like Tim Drake than Dick, which was a really great point and something I never realized. Tim Drake is my favorite Robin so it now makes sense to me why this version of Dick is my favorite in all of the DC land. He hates that fact though, but I love it.

All that aside, we did get a a pretty good episode with a good story and great action. Here’s to hoping the team behind Young Justice keeps bringing the heat.

3 out of 5 nerds

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