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Get a sense of your emotions at Belfast Film Festival

May 31st, 2012 by bash Comments

This weekend, Belfast Film Festival audiences will get a chance be the first in Ireland to experience Sensum, the digital platform that reads the emotions of audiences as they take part in an entertainment experience.

Using sensors via mobile phones, Sensum’s app reports on the stream of emotions of users to unveil how every scene of a film impacts in its its audience.

“We are entering a new age of sensors and human-computer interfacing: Voice and facial recognition, emotional mapping and physiology reading. At a time when we are all seeking for deeper levels

of engagement with media, we in the entertainment industries can now make use of these advancements,” said Gawain Morrison, CEO of Filmtrip, the Belfast-based company behind Sensum.

Sensum was launched alongside the Tribeca Film Festival in New York at the end of April.

“After the stir caused at Tribeca, we are excited to be back in time for the Belfast Film Festival. It is only fitting that Sensum takes part in the madness of the Altered States section in this year’s action- packed programme!” added Morrison.

An audience-testing of Sensum will take place at the following Belfast Film Festival events:

Horror Weekend Hybrid

9pm Saturday 2 June, Waterfront Studio

Beyond the Black Rainbow

9.15pm Tuesday 5 June, Queen’s Film Theatre

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