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God Save the Queen… from the Zombies!

May 16th, 2012 by bash Comments

Gamers have been well looked after over the last twelve months with some fantastic releases and the latest game from West Wind will probably leave me arguing with my bank manager…again.

Empire of the Dead is a 28mm miniatures-based skirmish game based in a Gothic Victorian London setting with its quick start rules available to download from the West Wind website. Pegged as Steampunk, the background revolves around a new mineral power source called ‘Infernium’.

The game looks simple enough to get to grips with and a quick start scenario pits the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson against the original master murderer, Jack the Ripper. It is available to order now from usual outlets along with four starter faction box sets, seven character expansions and some special release miniatures, to give some variety to the warbands.

We are looking forward to trying it, but have any of our followers played it yet? Let us know what you guys and girls think!

By Chris Averiss

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