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Going Freudian on Uncle George!

April 29th, 2012 by Max O. Miller Comments

What blustering young 80′s boy wasn’t (now embarrassingly) fascinated by the notorious Great Pit of Carkoon? Excluding the Venus flytrap addition seen exclusively in the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi, the Sarlacc’s best described as a great gaping maw of man-eating maliciousness. Dare I say what’s always been in our minds, the vagina dentate resemblance doesn’t go unnoticed. Simultaneously you have the Temple of Doom being released the next year. Children were so traumatized by the visuals of the Thuggee priest Mola Ram’s “school of cardiology” that it helped spawn the PG-13 rating…

…Coincidentally coinciding with the release and writing of these films was George’s relatively bloody and long-lasting divorce. Even nerd boy billionaires have romance woes! So enters man-devouring space vaginas and hearts literally being ripped out in the name of the Hindu goddess of death and destruction. I can’t help but think…bitter much? So I submit a question; do we have heart-pounding (no pun intended) blockbuster action or subliminal male chauvinism as a result of behind-the-scenes heartbreak? You decide…

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