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Harry Potter star swoops into Belfast

July 30th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

A very special guest from the world of Harry Potter swooped into Belfast at the weekend.

Harley Bubo (seen above with the Emerald Garrison’s John Donaldson as Captain Jack Sparrow) arrived at the Bombardier Family Funday as part of the World of Owls. He is most famous as the first owl to appear in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone who gives the young wizard his envelope inviting him to Hogwarts. He later appears in the scene at the Hall when all the owls fly in and deliver mail from above. Harley is the last one in.

Harley has an extensive CV including most recently Game of Thrones. The crowds old and young alike were delighted by him and the entire World of Owls drew big crowds with their fabulous birds.

Education Officer Mike Gibb was on hand to answer any and all questions about these beautiful animals. They will be appearing all over the place so to sure to visit them. Check them out at World of Owls on Facebook; visit them at Randalstown Forest at their centre or visit their site at

And you know what? It was nice to meet a celebrity that wasn’t a prima donna for a change.

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