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I don’t want Han Solo to die in new Star Wars films: Zahn

December 24th, 2012 by bash Comments

Timothy Zahn has weighed in with his thoughts on what should happen in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Speaking to about his new book (Scoundrels) set in a galaxy far, far away, the author said he hoped that Han Solo, if he appears, doesn’t die and that the films have “really good storyline and space battles”.

Here is a snippet of the interview transcript:

HW: What do you, as a Star Wars fan par excellence, want to see from the new trilogy?

TZ: You got a couple of hours here? First of all, I think they need to skip a generation and have either Luke, Han, and Leia’s kids, or even grandkids, and have the Original Trilogy characters be the older, wiser mentor types. But one of the things I’d really like to see, and this would fit very nicely with Disney, as far as I can remember we’ve never seen a really good family relationship in Star Wars. We’ve had neurotic relationships and even outright antagonism with Luke and Vader. But I’d like to see Luke and his son or grandson have a true bond, a functional family relationship. And of course I want a really good storyline and space battles. I’d like to see something different than a Skywalker turning to the Dark Side. The Star Wars universe is so rich with storytelling possibilities that you don’t need to repeat the “turning to the Dark Side” concept of the previous films. I don’t want to see the same stuff over and over.

HW: One of the things that people have been suggesting over and over are ways that Han Solo should die in Episode VII. Do you yourself have a preference for his demise?

TZ: Maybe I’m not the best person to ask because I don’t like watching major characters die. I like seeing characters fight against impossible odds and win the day. I’m not much for death scenes. I would point to Sherlock Holmes as an example—he retired to beekeeping! However, if they decide to kill off Han it has to be in a truly dramatic, heroic way. But I would prefer to see the main characters retire off camera and yield the state as it were to the new generation of Star Wars heroes.

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