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If Murray drops out Venkman could be recast in Ghostbusters 3?

February 14th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Now, before we start.. calm down, there’s nothing solid. Yet.

Dan Aykroyd has been speaking to Empire about the on-again/off-again Ghostbusters III and the touchy subject of Bill Murray came up.

Now Murray’s association with GBIII has been tempestuous at best recently. Rumours abound that Murray is the main reason the movie has not happened. Because he’s either a) a grump or b) hates the script. Or, come to think of it, c) both.

However, the most recent rumour, that Murray shredded the GBIII script and returned it to Aykroyd, has been debunked by Aykroyd: “Bill Murray is not capable of such behaviour. This is simply something that would not be in his nature. We have a deep, private personal relationship that transcends business. We communicate frequently and his position on the involvement in Ghostbusters 3 has been made clear and I respect that. But Bill has too much positive estimation of my writing skills to shred the work.”

But this is where it gets hazy as Empire writes: “Even more intriguingly, Aykroyd hinted that Bill Murray may not return as Peter Venkman, and that the character could be played by a different actor, a la Jack Ryan.”

But since they don’t directly quote him or offer any alternative casting, should we consider this as nothing more than a rumour of the highest unreliable calibre? Or is Aykroyd hoping to start this rumour in the hope that the pressure will make Murray confirm? Who knows, but let us put our slant on this.

Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, who starred as Ray and Egon to Murray’s Venkman, are smart people. We have accepted for a while that Venkman probably will not return – and we’re unsure if we want GBIII at all without him – but our thoughts?
They will NOT in a million years recast him. Replace him with a different CHARACTER? Possibly, say he died in the hiatus between II & III> Possible too. Make no reference to him? A mistake, but possible… recast? Never.
Murray is not the greatest actor to ever live but, especially in this role, he’s completely irreplaceable.

On other casting news, Aykrod says that  “If we can get the script to Ghostbusters 3 right, then it would definitely have [Rick] Moranis as a major component. None of us would want to do the movie without having him as a participant.”

So they would do GBIII without Murray but not Moranis? File under speculation guys… and relax.

On a side note, we know Murray has affection for Ghostbusters. If he didn’t would he have done this at the Spike Awards in October 2010? Enjoy:


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