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Infinity May Releases.

May 31st, 2012 by Mad Dave Comments

Some great new releases for Infinity players.


Dozers, Field Engineers (Traktor Mul Control Device). The Dozers are Ariadna’s field engineers and responsible for the robotic Traktor Muls – both the unarmed minesweeper/transport and campaign light artillery version, now you can field them together!


Mulebots. The extraordinary PanOceanian Mulebot is a multifunction remote unit used for logistic and utility transport, for cyber-warfare tactical deployment, offensive/defensive combat force support, and armed security. PanOceanian players now have the EVO Repeater available for their technified armies in this two Remote box set.


Daktaris 2 (Doctor). If you already have all miniatures of the Nomads Support Box, but you want the new sculpt of the Daktari model, don’t despair! For a limited time you can buy separately this new version of the Nomads Doctors. This new blister doesn’t replace the previous blister of the Daktari.

Nomads Support Pack:

Nomads Support Pack. And here it is. We have seen the previous PanOceanian and Yu Jing versions of this new product, that comprises Doctors and Engineers as well as their useful Servant Remotes. However, the Nomad version is different, as the Daktari model is a new sculpt, never released before. If you don’t like the previous pin-up version of the Daktari (how dare you!) here you have a more dynamic one!


Malignos (Hacker). This is the stealth infiltrator Hacker of the Shasvastii Expeditionary Force, and the first Hacker released for this Sectorial Army. The fearsome Malignos is equipped with TO Camouflage devices, making it hard to locate and target on the battlefield. Just deploy your hidden Malignos and wait until the enemy enters its Zone of Control!


Synchronized Deva Unit. This will be a four miniatures box, with male and female versions of the Devas (a different sculpt from the blister versions) and two Devabots. The cold and efficient Deva Functionaries are the core of ALEPH’s immune system, and now the Special Situations Section can deploy them synchronized with their reliable Devabots, allowing them to eliminate any problem before it can spread.

Some great looking models there painted by Studio Giraldez in that hard to miss manga style.

Do you play Infinity? Will any of these find a way into you army? As always you can let us know your thoughts below.

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