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Invasion Belfast returns to w5 on October 6th & 7th

September 26th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Invasion Belfast Episode V at The Odyssey, Belfast

Yes folks, it’s back! For its fifth appearance at W5 in The Odyssey, Belfast, Ireland’s Premier Star Wars Costuming Club, The Emerald Garrison, will be returning to a galaxy near you on Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October 10.00am – 6.00pm.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Emerald Garrison, it’s a costume club that is run by fans who are totally devoted to their love of Star Wars. These include the original films, the prequel trilogy, the Clone Wars cartoon series and even the games, toys and comic books.

Every year there are special guests in attendance and this year is no exception. Tim Rose, puppeteer and voice of Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi, Jerome Blake who was Rune Haako and numerous other characters in the Prequel Trilogy, Anthony Forest who was a Fixer and a Stormtrooper in the original Star Wars and event regular and almost mascot Boba Fett himself, Jeremy Bulloch will all be holding talks over the weekend. Guests will also be able to meet them and have their personal items signed.

Also in attendance will be comic artist Will Sliney. Will worked on Star Wars “The Phantom Menace 3D” and The Clone Wars comics and he will be hosting a special “How to Draw Star Wars” workshops, as well as sketching and signing throughout the two days.

It seems every year the Invasion events just get bigger and bigger with special “classes” to entertain young fans and this year there’s some great additions. For young Padawans and wannabe Jedi, The Force Academy is back to teach and guide you in the ways of  The Force, and also on how to handle a lightsabre to it’s deadliest potential.

If, on the other hand, you’d rather rule the galaxy, you might want to join The Sith Academy. Here you will be instructed in the treacherous ways of the Sith, where betrayal, anger and fear will be your ally.

Making its debut appearance at this year’s Invasion will be Galactic Attack. Here you will be transported to the Death Star, where you will be guided around the space station and have to defend yourself against the dreaded Stormtroopers.

Whilst all of these events are taking place, you will see many characters, vehicles, props, masks and weapons from all incarnations of the Star Wars universe. So whether you are a fan of Darth Vader and The Emperor (oh, they too will be there) , or prefer the heroic Master Yoda, Captain Rex and Plo Kloon (who will also be around for photographs and to fight the Empire), there’ll be plenty to keep you amazed…

Also, each day Following The Nerd will be holding extensive talks with the actors where they’ll discuss their careers and, of course, Star Wars and we’ll be encouraging the audience to get involved in the fun. Also each day we’ll be hosting the Biggest Star Wars Quiz in the galaxy. From the easy, to the near impossible we’ll separate the blow0ins from the die-hard.. and we’ll have a few prizes and surprises along the way – (here’s the full schedule)

This is shaping up to be an amazing weekend for fans of Star Wars, and Following The Nerd will be there all weekend to too. Hey it’s Star Wars, did you really think we would miss it! And remember…..

The Force Will Be With You, Always….

Main feature image courtesy of Owen Quinn and The Time Warriors

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