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Iron Man 3 won’t be a ‘serious’ movie

November 27th, 2012 by bash Comments

Despite the dark look of the recent Iron Man 3 trailer, Marvel producer Kevin Feige says the new film would not be “serious”.

While Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were loved by fans because of the humour, among other elements, it seems a dark and brooding disaster movie isn’t on the cards for the third film.

“It’s not a serious movie, but we seriously dig into exploring more of Tony,” Feige said.

“The trick is just trying to make great movies. We try to make them all great, all different and all fresh. What you’ll see in Iron Man 3 is some very unique directions that were taken.”

Director Shane Black, meanwhile, said he was not necessarily trying for a “bigger” film.

“We’re aiming for different and fresh and new. It’s all about capturing that lightning-in-a-bottle feel, about trying to get as much into this as we can. We’re looking to get a ton of thrills into a short space, to make a nice little stew for you,” he said.

Iron Man 3 hits cinema screens on May 3, 2013.

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