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Is Harrison Ford returning to Blade Runner?

February 5th, 2012 by bash Comments

The internet is awash with rumours that Harrison Ford is in talks to star in a new Blade Runner movie.

Twitch is one of those sites reporting that the Indiana Jones star will appear in a second film.

Late last year director Ridley Scott revealed he was looking at making a return to Blade Runner and that it was “liable to be a sequel”. If this is true, and given that Ford would be over 70 by the time the movie was released, would that mean one of the most heated debates in cinema history would be confirmed ie is Deckard a replicant or not?!

Ford, ofcourse, has distanced himself from the original film over the years saying that the making of the 1982 sci-fi movie was a “nightmare”, as well as claiming that he played the role of Deckard as a human, not as a replicant. Whereas Scott has always claimed that Deckard was a replicant.

Either way it will be interesting to see what, if any, official news comes from all these rumours. With Scott returning to the world of Alien with this year’s release of Prometheus, it will be no surprise to see him return to Blade Runner.

Whether Ford signs up is another matter.

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