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Ivor’s Gamer Blog Episode 3: I always wanted to be a Nazgul

April 30th, 2012 by Wee Ivor Comments

Admit it!  Whenever you read Lord of the Rings, or watched the films, you always had a little part inside your head whispering quietly and arrogantly “You would have been a better Witch King”.

You can let it out. Admit it. Its OK, you are amongst friends.


LotR Nazgul

Well, WizKids are on the scene to give that little voice a chance to make you prove yourself as they get ready to publish “Nazgul – a Semi-Coo-operative Board Game“.  Well, come on, it was never going to be a fully co-operative board game when players take on the role of the Nazgul!

This is seriously intriguing and, personally, I can not wait to get my mits on this one when it comes out on 16th May.  WizKids have a great pedigree, their games systems are great and almost all are based around a little thing they stumbled onto called the “Clix System”.  It was originally created for Mage Knight, a miniatures wargame using collectible figures. Mage Knight was a game combing roleplaying and wargaming elements with aspects of collectible card games.  I had this first time round and loved it.  It is now a board game.  Just like this little baby.

Their blurb says it all,

The dark lord Sauron is pleased that you have… chosen… to champion the true destiny of Middle-earth. Some prefer the hopeless cause of men and their miserable allies. Theirs is a fool’s choice! You show no affinity for such delusions. You seek glory for Sauron, and your rewards shall be great!

You are one of Sauron’s most powerful minions: a Nazgul! You must work together with the other Nazgul to stop the cursed hobbits and destroy the resistance of men. But at the same time, you must strive to prove your own worth to the dark lord. After all, there are rumors that even the Witch-king can be killed, and Sauron may soon need a new leader for the Nazgul.

In The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul Board Game, you are faced with three Campaigns that you must conquer before the Ring-bearer carries The One Ring to Mount Doom. If you cannot complete them in time, all players lose! Along the way, you will earn Victory Points; and if the group succeeds in its duty, the player with the most VPs wins!

The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul Components

  • 5 HeroClix Nazgul Figures
  • 45 Cards of Power
  • 51 Hero Cards
  • 55 Quest Cards
  • 20 Secret Quest Cards
  • 138 Battle Cubes
  • 70 Sauron Favor Cubes
  • 1 Gameboard with Fellowship Tracker
  • 5 Turn Order Markers
  • 12 Complete Wall Markers
  • 30 Victory Point Counters
  • 1 The One Ring Token
  • 1 Witch-king Token
  • 1 Battle Cup

The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul Board Game includes rules for 3 difficulty settings and optional rules for full co-op play (I have no idea why this option is included. Mwahahahaha).

So there you have it, quite a full box of goodies that will have you playing for a while as you dream of stomping all over any Hobbit you can find.

I have to go now, the Dark Lord in his Dark Throne is calling me.  I wish he would just go and stick the kettle on himself.


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