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Mad Men return will be ‘worth the wait’

March 26th, 2012 by bash Comments

Mad Men star Jon Hamm has said that the new series, which airs in the UK today (Tuesday), will be better than ever.

The 41-year-old was speaking ahead of the nex instalment in the 60s drama which was last seen on our screens back in 2010.

“I think the world we live in now is a world where everything is instantaneously available globally,” he said.

“And so to have something that isn’t is a commodity.

“And especially when you talk about a story or something that’s delivered by nature episodically, there becomes value not telling the end first. And so I think that that patience ideally is rewarded.”

The actor, who plays lothario ad man Don Draper, has promised fans of the hit show they will be rewarded for waiting patiently to see the new series, as creator Matthew Weiner insists on keeping the plot top secret.

“This notion of spoiler alert kind of things is relatively recent because I think it just never existed before. You didn’t have people that were going to spoil everything because you were going to read it yourself,” he continued.

“But now we live in the world of internet and you can read about something you didn’t even see or maybe wasn’t even on air in your country.

“And I think it’s better the old way. It just needs to be doled out in the way that it’s doled. It’s more satisfying.”

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