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Man of Steel is a sci-fi movie

May 22nd, 2013 by bash Comments

Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David S Goyer have all been speaking about the forthcoming Man of Steel.

The director, producer and writer, respectively, all talked to the New York Times about what role Superman plays in the 21st Century, their take on the character and why Snyder himself was chosen to helm the project.

First off, Snyder said the character’s contradiction of being beloved but not necessarily relevant to the modern world was intriguing to him.

“He’s a really cool mythological contradiction. He’s incredibly familiar Americana and alien, exotic, bizarroland, but beautifully woven together. All of us, in a weird way, are that same kind of contradiction — no one’s that simple,” the Watchmen director said.

As far as trying to bring a fresh take to the character with this contradiction in mind, Snyder and his creative team settled on a sci-fi iteration of the story.

“If you follow him back logically and try to understand him,” Snyder said, “you end up at a sci-fi solution.”

Goyer added: “If he really were an alien, when the world finds out that he exists, that in itself would be the biggest event in human history. That would change the world forever.”

As for why Snyder was chosen to direct the film, Nolan added that it was the director’s “innate aptitude for dealing with superheroes as real characters”.

“That was what a new approach to Superman required,” the Dark Knight director said. “He understands the power of iconic images, but he also understands the people behind them.”

Man of Steel opens across the world next month.

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