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McCallum voices worries over Star Wars hitting small screen

June 5th, 2012 by Kelly Comments

Rick McCallum, pictured below, long-time friend of George Lucas and Star Wars Producer has been spilling the beans about the new live-action series, and what’s holding it back.

It would seem that the extensive planning and (due) consideration going into the series is due to worries about the adult content of the episodes, as well as length and cost of them. McCallum also voiced concerns over network and cable television, and the amount of commercials – issues that the franchise has never had to worry about before.
McCallum says that if they were to, for example, put two hour-long episodes together, that it would be bigger than any of the movies they’ve ever done, which gives us high hopes for their quality. Let’s hope Skywalker Ranch pulls through. Either way, we’ve still got a long way to wait with 50 hours of scripted material only in its second draft after three and a half years work.
The Original Interview with Rick McCallum can be read over at Den of Geek

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