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Michael Bay has a plan for Transformers 4… honest

June 6th, 2012 by Big Phil 2 Comments

While the live-action Transformers movies may have their detractors – even within FTN HQ – we all do still get excited when we hear of more news of another live-action installment…

So, what do we know about TF4?
Well, it’s a reboot – although we don’t think it’s a clean start, but rather still takes place in the same movie universe.
We know that Shia LaBeouf and his parents/girlfriends/annoying mates are all gone and a new cast will be in, and will play second-fiddle to the robots themselves this time.
We know Ehren Kruger who wrote both Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon is writing it.
What we didn’t know was that Michael Bay has confirmed (again) that this will be his last TF movie. Although his aim this time is to set up a whole new direction for the series that, when he leaves, the next director can follow…

Not really sure how much of this is news and how much isn’t but we feel it’s our duty to keep you up-to-date… now, Transform and roll out!

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    And yet, they’re still hiring the writer of the last 2, the first one was great, the other two written by the same guy, when everyone including the people making the movie admits it was bad, hhire new people to write it FFS!

    • Ben Marc says:

      As a long-time G1 fan i really liked the second one. Thought it suffered in editing, but i lolved thepretenders, constructicons and Jetfire, well, his story if not his look.

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