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Mist Of Pandaria Guide Book – Review

October 30th, 2012 by Mad Dave Comments

BradyGames WoW – Mist Of Pandaria Guide Book

By James McNulty


Since the release of the newest World Of Warcraft Expansion – The Mists of Pandaria Bradygames have released another massive signature series guide book for the World Of Warcrafts fourth expansion.
This guide is a huge 460 pages long (near double the recent Bradygames guide for Call of Duty). In this guide Bradygames covers all the essential new content. To begin with Bradygames has an extensive guide on the basics of the game for new players, giving new players a chance to see if the game really does appeal to them, also giving new players a quick guide through all the starting zones. After this the guide moves onto all the new content that Mist Of Pandaria brings into the game, such things as challenge modes, the new raids, the new zones, pet battle system and of course covers the new race Pandarians and the new class Monks! Another element this book has to offer is the detail put into explaining the new talent systems and changes to certain proffession such as Inscriptions. Also has some vital information on the new Black Auction House and even has some juicy info on the new legendary weapons.

With all this to boot the guide also goes into detail about each individual class and race, giving details to all of their lore and also explains how the new race Pandarian have come into conflict with the Alliance and Horde and how they have stayed hidden for so long on the mysterious island Pandaria.

Now before I go any further I have to give Bradygames a massive 10/10 for the artwork on this guide. The only way to discribe it is to say it is utterly stunning and nothing short of beautiful. Okay now with all that out of the way! People are still asking why should I want to read this guide? Well the simple answer is, this book has it all whether you want to know about the pet system or want to read up on the new raids and challenge modes. Trust me this book has something that appeals to you as a WoW player. Take me for example, I have played WoW for a few years now I picked this book up and went straight to the new raids and challenge modes, as that appealed to me instantly, then of course I wanted to see the information on how my own main has changed, instantly I had a better understanding on what had changed in the expansion. Another thing I found great was the Pet System. Now very little had been let out by blizzard about how this was going to work in MoP. The guide itself on Pet Battles has been given plenty of space showing were and when you can get basically all the pets, I was quite surprised when I seen the detail put into the guide about the pet battles. It basically has a section for each type of pet and where and when you can get these pets, it actually covers all the pets in the game at the moment.
Okay so Ive said it before this book has it all, although I say its not always a positive thing. Being a long time WoW player it really does seem silly to me that Bradygames would put such detail into the introduction part of this guide. I know, I know, Blizzard are always promoting new players to join the game, but still this is a guide for Level 85 players looking to get stuck into a new expansion wouldn’t it be smarter for a new players to buy a previous guide or maybe Bradygames could have released a smaller not so intimidating guide for new players? I feel myself a guide this size may have put me off joining WoW in the first place, especially if I had all this content to get through! I find it hard to believe that any existing player or player looking to return to WoW would have any difficulty with “How to select a realm” or terms like “MMO or Noob.”.
Well, to wrap this guide up it 100% has something to offer all WoW players whether they are just starting, already at Level 90 at end game or whether your contemplating rejoining the game for Mist. This book appeals to all kinds of players, Pet Battlers, PvPers, Raiders and even Players who just want to learn more about the lore. Beginners even have a massive part of this guide dedicated to them. All in all this guide has been educational and damn Bradygames I loved the Artwork!

Are you new too WoW? Would you find this book useful? As always just drop a comment below and let us know what you think

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