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Mixed bag Finecast release from Games Workshop

June 9th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher 2 Comments

The Games Workshop has announced some Finecast releases this June with some truly superb miniatures, and some not so strong.

Among the many products are two new plastic sculpts, the Goblin Shaman and Savage Orc Big Boss, both of which are superb.

Some of my favourite models from GW are getting the Finecast treatment. The two sets of Squigs, and the sets of Squig Herders. The Snotling Pumpwagon and Doomdiver also get an update along with
some named characters. I haven’t had any problem with any of the Finecast purchased recently but before everyone jumps up and down and starts ranting….I know I am in the minority….

Along with the Orcs and Gobbo’s is the Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood, characters and regiments, and Tomb Kings and Lizardmen. While the Tomb King Range is still quite young after having an updated army
book and some huge new models, I wonder why they have kept the Bone Giant? It is a bit of a comical model, and now it has gone up in price I fear it is not going to be a big seller.

The Lizardmen, meanwhile, have quite a comprehensive update also, including characters, special units and even the Venerable Lord Kroak.

It seems the Games Workshop have upped their releases to Finecast to further move away from the fluctuating metal prices, and I am sure this will be a good thing in the long run……I am just not sure how far that ‘long run’ is at the moment.

What do our gaming followers think? Are big batches turning to Finecast like this tempting you to make the change from metal miniatures or start a new army? Let us know what you think….

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