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Music fan in tune with Star Wars

March 28th, 2012 by bash Comments

A creative Star Wars fan has built his own unique collection of guitars – all in the shape of his favourite sci-fi spaceships.

Tom Bingham, from Corby, Northants in England, has spent the last 10 years building electric guitars based on George Lucas’ epic films.

Commenting on his Millennium Falcon guitar, which was built using a 140-piece kit, he told the Daily Mail: “I like Star Wars and I like other sci-fi stuff too.

“I saw a picture of a Millennium Falcon on the internet years ago and did my own version. I use a replica and attach a neck to it. With the Falcon I even put flashing LED lights in the back. It lights up blue in the dark, it gives it a hyperdrive look. The kids love it.

“The important thing is you have to make the body very rigid – I had to take the Millennium Falcon kits apart to their 140 odd pieces and rebuild it so it supports the neck I attach it to.”

The 64-year-old scours car boot sales and scrap yards for the metal and wood he uses to build his amazing guitars.

His collection of around 20 instruments also includes guitars shaped like cricket bats, record players and even the Large Hadron Collider, while each takes three months to build from scratch.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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