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Napoleon Dynamite gets a little more… animated

January 9th, 2012 by bash Comments

Napoleon Dynamite is returning as a cartoon to US television network Fox.

The animated spin-off of the 2004 movie, about the life of a geeky teenager living in rural Idaho, will make its debut on January 15.

The film’s original cast, including leading man John Heder, are voicing their cartoon counterparts while new characters will also appear in the animated series.

Heder told Reuters:  “We played around with the idea of an animated series or live-action series for a sequel, but we never played around seriously because we made this with a bunch of friends, so we weren’t thinking cash franchise.

“But it came out and became a success, and I think all these years later, when Fox came to us, we said, ‘Hey, we’d talked about it. We think the time is right, let’s do it,’ and we were all on board.”

The 2004 cinema release went on to make $46m (£29.5m) at the box office around the world.

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