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New York Comic Con: A final round-up

October 19th, 2012 by Big Phil Comments

Wow, what a comic con from the “Big Apple”! Sadly, we at FTN couldn’t be there person (Phil spent too much on Curry and DVD’s (AGAIN!)), but in true FTN fashion, here is a round-up of all the big stories that came out of this amazing event.

One of the biggest pieces at this year’s NYCC was The Walking Dead. This television show has made a zombie biting impact on both fans and non-fans of the graphic novel. There was a panel made up of Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) and David Morrissey (The Governor). Not only was the panel made up of these amazing acting guests, it also included executive producers Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd.

With Season 3 well into production, the panel revealed several spoilers about what may be in store for our heroes and revealed this seasons villains. With new on-set pictures, a “sneak peak” at a scene or two all of which makes for an incredible viewing (when it’s screened).

NYCC has also become a haven for “first glimpses” of future films and props and this year was no different. With the new version of “RoboCop” in everyone’s mind, attendees got their first look at the Robo-Cycle and it looks mean!

Marvel gave us some release dates for their upcoming movies which are as follows: Iron Man 3 will be released on 03/5/2013, Thor 2 is now officially entitled Thor: The Dark World and will be released 0n 11/08/2013, whilst Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on 08/01/2014.

Aside from television and films, fans and collectors of toys and memorabilia were not left disappointed. On display at Kotobukiya’s Booth were a mixture of Marvel and DC figurines. For fans of Marvel, these included the new X-Force Series which displayed figurines of Archangel, Wolverine and Warpath, not to mention the superb looking Cyclops and The Amazing Spiderman. Fans of DC were also in for some rare glimpses as they included the new ARTFX series featuring The Dark Knight: Hunt the Dark Knight, The Joker and The Dark Knight Rises: Batman, all stunning stuff.

For non-comic book fans, Diamond Select previewed some of their latest lines which included their new Minimates, Universal Monsters and The Munsters lines. All of which looked brilliant, especially the classic Star Trek and original Thundercats pieces (You know we at FTN love the classic lines!).

New York Comic Con is a comic con after all, and were we all surprised by some of the releases that were previewed. First up, fans of Buffy were reaching for their Slayer Stakes once more as it was revealed that Buffy: Season 9 is being released in a four part comic book series. With amazing artwork by C. L. Bradley and the series over seen by executive producer Joss Whedon, this has Must Buy written all over it.

For Batman fans, Scot Snyder’s panel of Batman revealed some incredibly shocking but totally amazing artwork for his insight on where Batman will be. He revealed possible storylines, hinted at classic characters coming back, but more importantly he gave us some of the most thought provoking Batman images (for all sample images go here)we have seen in a long time; we can’t wait for this to his the comic stands!

So there we are folks, another NYCC has sadly come and gone. We have had some amazing glimpses of what we can expect and really can’t wait for the next big Con, even if it is in 2013!

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