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May 3rd, 2012 by Marc Comments


TOO much, too soon … sang The Waterboys in their peerless anthem The Whole Of The Moon.

While Mike Scott and the gang were singing about CS Lewis and Prince, and not anything of specific interest to us nerdy types, it could be an apt description of this summer at our local fleapits.
There’s constant bombardment with one tentpole release after another. We’ll be no sooner getting out of The Avengers when it’s straight on to The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus to The Dark Knight Rises.
That’s not counting the undercard with films like GI Joe Retaliation and Dark Shadows bubbling under.
Now don’t get me wrong, I loves me a big budget romp as much as the next guy but there has to be a point where enough is enough.
We’ve already suffered the first casualty of the year in John Carter, which FTN enjoyed thoroughly.
More was made of the box office receipts than the actual film.
It seems that a film is judged on how much popcorn it manages to shift rather than quality.
I guess what I’m trying to say is we are about to approach the point where the bubble bursts.
There’s even world premieres of trailers now. It’s getting ridiculous.
I’m not saying that things were perfect back in the proverbial day but at least films had a bit of mystery when they arrived back then.
By the time a film arrives at the local cinema, it’s been dissected and analysed to death and will contain next to nothing in terms of a surprise factor.
In their rush to get people through the doors the studios are only happy to give away key scenes in the trailers.
Compare the teasers for The Dark Knight Rises, in which we had a football stadium imploding, and Avengers Assemble, in which we had a prolonged scene in which Iron Man’s life is saved by The Hulk to Jurrassic Park and Superman The Movie.
In Jurassic Park all we had in the trailer were scientists working in a lab, the fact that Spielberg was doing dinosaurs was all we needed.
Then in Superman all we had was an image of flying through the clouds. It was enough they were making a Superman film.
Also in the news this week was the much loved, by nerds at least, Fringe.
We all raised a fist in triumph with the news there’ll be a fifth series for Walter Bishop and co.
Albeit a final series, but we can live with that as long as it’s a fitting farewell. Who knows? Maybe in an alternative universe somebody is blogging on Seek The Geek about Fringe being renewed for another five seasons.

I’m Paddy Ryan and you’re not.


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