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Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson – A King among Men

June 20th, 2012 by Chris Comments

Every now and again there is a character from a series that deserves to be lauded.

For UK and Irish TV fans we definitely get the rough end of the stick when it comes to getting the best of what America and Canada produce comedy wise, and yes we get a lot of it….but is it the best?

Recently, while in Canada I was introduced to Parks and Recreation, currently in its fourth season. This is what the American Office wants to be. The show is very well written, all the characters are quickly and effectively developed and while everyone will have their favorites, one character stands out from the crowd. A King among Men, the head of the Parks and Rec department at the local Government Buldings in Pawnee Indiana, ladies and gentlemen…..Mr Ron Swanson…

As you can imagine there are many Youtube videos for this show, and Ron in particular, and they will sell this program better than any comments from me. However, suffice to say this show is followed religiously by its fans and its three Golden Globe wins and 14 nominations is testament to this. Try it, you might like it…….and all hail Ron Swanson…

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