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Pathfinder Online Technology Demo Kickstarter project surpasses goal and keeps going

May 15th, 2012 by StealthBuda 1 Comment


Pathfinder, published by Paizo Publishing, is the well known challenger to the Wizards of the Coasts Dungeons and Dragons franchise. The Pathfinder roleplaying game was released in late 2009 and by early 2011 was dominating 4th Edition D&D in sales.
In November 2011, Goblinworks announced their partnership with Paizo Publishing to produce Pathfinder online.
“Pathfinder Online is a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO where characters explore, develop, find adventure and dominate a wilderness frontier in a land of sword and sorcery.”
Following in the recent success of Kickstarter projects, Goblinworks and Paizo Publishing decided to run their own project, with multiple rewards for backers.
“This Kickstarter will fund the Technology Demo of the Pathfinder Online Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. The Technology Demo will be fully playable, integrating account management, character creation, a virtual world server, multiple simultaneously connected clients, middleware used for rendering landscapes and characters, basic game mechanics, and player communications. The demo will only support a few simultaneous users exploring a couple of small locations, so the general public won’t be able to play it, but we will produce a short video of the demo that everyone will be able to experience, and a special longer video exclusively for backers of this Kickstarter.
Your support of the Technology Demo will help us raise awareness of Pathfinder Online and will show potential investors what the game is really about. Funding this demo will also signal to potential partners that Pathfinder Online has an audience that’s large enough and dedicated enough to allow the long-term success of the MMO. Nothing speaks louder than a ton of people putting up money to show their support of a new concept—that’s the genius element of Kickstarter!”
At the base level of pledges backers will receive access to the technology video once it’s produced, and pledges above $15 will receive a Pathfinder sourcebook for use in the tabletop roleplaying game, based on one of the locations planned for the Pathfinder MMORPG.
With just under a month still to go on the project, pledges have already exceeded the target by 50% and now the project is pushing for backers rather than cash, so stretch targets have been announced. The first of which will be an additional dungeon download for those pledging more than $30.

For those new to Kickstarter, read their help guide for details

For details on how to pledge and the rewards visit the Pathfinder Online Technolody Demo Kickstarter page click here

Click for more details on Goblinworks or Paizo Publishing

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