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Pegg dreams of third series of Spaced

March 6th, 2012 by bash Comments

Simon Pegg caused a bit of a stir on Twitter yesterday when he revealed that he’d dreamt the cast of Spaced had recorded a third series of the cult comedy.

The English actor, who played Tim Bisley in the sitcom, said: “Dreamt we filmed a 6 episode 3rd series of Spaced last night. We were young again but it was now and I was concerned about the 11 year gap.”

However, within an hour the Shaun of the Dead star tweeted that the show wouldn’t be making a comeback after being inundated with queries about its return.

“That wasn’t a hint,” he said. “We would never do a third series unless we could get the whole gang back together and Aida (Colin) is no longer with us.” Aida the dog died in 2010.

Spaced was written by and starred Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, directed by Edgar Wright and was noted for its rapid-fire editing, frequent pop culture references and jokes.

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