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PREVIEW: Dark Horse Comics’ line-up for September 12, 2012

September 2nd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Here’s a look at the Dark Horse releases for 9/12. There’s no releases for 9/5 except trade paperbacks. Support your local shop and go get some!

A pair of teen suicides raise terrible questions, but can a grim private eye commit himself to a case that is so closely connected to his own haunted past?
* Cover by Mike Mignola!
* From the artist of Green River Killer and the writer ofB.P.R.D.!



Searching for essential supplies in a post-Crash black market, Callum Israel struggles to maintain his moral code in a new world where survival requires working within the gray area. But can this environmentalist’s pacifism survive in a violent world when a ghost from his past as a corporate mercenary resurfaces?
* A new series from New York Times best-selling author Brian Wood.



With their city drowning in the weird drug known as Float, the Victories bust a major operation, only to have their leader’s mind scanned by an evil psychic who plans to use this knowledge for the superhero team’s destruction.
* The raunchiest superheroes since The Boys!
* From the co-creator of Powers!

After deciding to take a risk that—if it doesn’t kill her—may give the rebellion a fighting chance, Orchid turns her focus to rallying the downtrodden Bridge People for the battle to come. With their backs against the wall and enemy forces on the offensive, a long shot is the best hope for the Shadow Rebels.
* Ravenous robotic beasts! Deadly combat!
* Free musical score with every issue!



Who are the Doomed?
Caught in a battle between three Sith armies, Jedi Kerra Holt does her utmost to prevent them from finding a powerful Sith relic. Her mission to find her lost family brought the war onto this world, and as she reaches the end of her search for her parents, she realizes the extent of the danger that could be brought to the galaxy if the relic falls into Sith hands! Has Kerra let her personal gain override the needs of thousands of innocents?

And of course these are just highlights. Wonder into your local shop and check it all out.
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