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Proof of Noah’s ark found by man who discovered Titanic

December 13th, 2012 by bash Comments

The first man to discover the hidden wreck of Titanic has claimed to have found artifacts relating to Noah’s Ark.

Robert Ballard, the underwater archaeologist famed for discovering the wreck of the Titanic in 1985, claims to have found evidence of the biblical flood which Noah escaped from on his giant ‘boat’, most famously referenced in the book of Genesis.

The American researcher and his team have been studying the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey in search of a civilization lost since biblical times.

“We went in there to look for the flood,” Ballard told ABC News. “Not just a slow moving, advancing rise of sea level, but a really big flood that then stayed … the land that went under stayed under. ‘The questions is, was there a mother of all floods?”

Ballard says his team has found not just the shore and the shells, but pottery and even shipwrecks, evidence, he says, that the theory is correct.

“It’s foolish to think you will ever find a ship [the Ark],” he continued. “But can you find people who were living? Can you find their villages that are underwater now? And the answer is yes.”

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