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Q-Con kicked off last night, here’s what to get ready for tomorrow…

June 23rd, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Q-Con: Belfast 22-24th June

Greetings my fellow Nerds and Nerdettes. Rarely do we find a gaming convention right on our own doorstep (well, portal) and this weekend sees the return of Q-Con.

This is a weekend event that is hosted by QUB Dragonslayers, the Queen’s University Belfast Gaming and Anime Society, and is specifically for gamers. The list of activities available this weekend includes LARP (Live Action Role Playing), TCG’s (Trading Card Game’s), RPG’s (Role Playing Game’s) Tabletop Gaming, Boardgames and Wargames. Oh and for the more retro among us, there are also some classic games consoles and competitions too. Not too mention the usual anime comic artist work areas, cosplay and several quizzes taking place that may even have some us at FTN breaking into a sweat over!With registration taking place early evening, last night kicked off the event with tremendous style. There have been games galore (don’t worry if you missed these as some will be running throughout the weekend) and the café and bar area have been invaded and transformed into a Nerd-topia for the gamer.
This event though isn’t just for the seasoned game veteran out there. With helpful guidance from those organising and guiding the play, the NN (that’s Nerd Novice) will easily pick up the rues and form of play and as there will be competitions throughout the weekend, everyone is welcome to join in.
So, what’s in store for tomorrow I hear your battlecry?
Well, it will be an early start as the morning LARP’s and RPG’s start at 10:30am and run until 2:30pm, so you will need to get to the game registration tables pretty sharpish if you’d like to participate as some places are limited. That said, some games will be running on Saturday and Sunday so if you miss your chance, not to worry, as you may be able to join it later.
The afternoon sessions begin at 3:30pm and run until 6:30pm. But don’t worry if you are unable to join a particular game as there are plenty of other activities taking place. The gamer’s corner will feature the retro gaming consoles and there will even be a DJ providing music throughout the entire event.
With this little taster I am off to bed early so that I can finally impress my high school coach and “Get my game face on!”
Rest assured that we at FTN will be bringing you pictures and full reports from this wonderful event throughout the weekend.
Oh, and if you see a very stressed (but widely smiling) chap in a Following The Nerd red shirt, please say “Hi” as he may be either winning or losing at his game and will need all the help he can get!
You can find Q-Con’s website here

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