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FTN reviews Top Cat (The Movie)

May 31st, 2012 by Big Phil Comments

Top Cat: The Movie (U)

Director: Alberto Mar

Writers: Kevin Seccia (screenwriter), Timothy McKeon (screenwriter)

Stars: Rául Anaya, Jorge Arvizu and Mario Castañeda Partido

Running time: 90 mins

Top Cat and the gang face a new police chief, who is not at all happy with the poor officer Dibble’s performance trying to prevent Top Cat’s scams.

Top Cat is a fairly dapper and hip cat who runs scams, gambling and basically tries to make a buck or two in which to make life more comfortable for both him and his followers.

Whilst he may be a schemer and shark, his heart is basically good as he lives by his own code of ‘Never conning anyone other than those who are rich and mean and thereby deserve it’. All the while Officer Dibble tries to keep Top Cat in check, but his efforts are usually futile.

Enter Lou Strickland, a very rich, mean (and a villain who is clearly delusional about his looks) person who loves everything to do with technology and wants to remove the police force of people and replace them with robots. But he doesn’t stop there and soon Top Cat finds himself framed and in prison, with his friends being his only chance of escape.

Top Cat is based on the television cartoon series from the 1960’s which ran on US, UK and foreign television for decades. Though the voice cast do a pretty good job replacing the original cast, it is the animation that lets the film down. Whilst the characters still retain their classic look from the 60’s, it is the matching backgrounds that seem substantially out of place as they have been rendered into a 3D image. This has an annoying look of basically placing characters from one generation and placing them in an environment that sadly does not suit. It would be the equivalent of placing classic Scooby Doo in a Toy Story background.

The script is certainly catered for the very young and though there are one or two little nods to the original show (the main theme tune and opening credits are the real treat for fans) adults may find this a little slow and very predictable.

That said, this is pure fun for younger viewers with no risky language or scenes that could scare or upset them; in short its perfect for spending a wet weekend afternoon with the young ones but anyone over the age of ten may be running for the exit straight after the opening credits.

NB: The version that I saw was in 2D; this film is also being released in 3D at participating cinemas.


2 out of 5 nerds

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