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ROUNDUP: Q-Con: Day 2: Saturday 23rd June 2012 And what to expect on Sunday

June 24th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment

Greetings once again my fellow Nerds and Nerdettes from Day 2 of the QUB Q-Con, and what a day it has been.

Up bright and early with a smile on my face as I entered the mêlée that was to be Day 2 and to feature all of the main events starting today. First order of business was to register for the morning’s RPG (Role Playing Game). With a number of games starting at 10:30am (told you it was an early start) I was greeted by many VERY eager gamers, young and young at heart, seasoned and novice alike, all going through the briefs of the games and signing up to their favourite.

As I mentioned in my previous update, there are many levels and locations to Q-Con this year. The area that I occupied in the morning was the RPG gaming area. This was filled with gamers, not just RPGs but also a large number of table top games taking place. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these, I will briefly explain.

An RPG (Role Playing Game) involves a number of people on a quest. They are given a character name and their quest (it may be set in the future, or from a well know tv sci-fi series for example) and they must fulfil their quest whilst engaging in battles and investigations.

The table top games take place on a large board and involve either individual character pieces or vast armies or maybe even specialist units. The player may be engaged in a battle, a quest or even a chapter from history depending on the game and its origin.

With the sounds of clattering dice, laughter and several in-character shouts, the morning flew in surprising quickly (my team completed our quest with no fatalities) and it was time to take in the surroundings before my next game in the afternoon.

Taking in a long walk around the events taking place, as they are located on various floors, the participants will surely find all manner of activities. One level was used exclusively for retro gaming and it was a real trip down my inner nerd as I viewed the console and classic games on display, not too mention the furious fast-finger movements of the gamers in fierce competition. My facial muscles were certainly pushed to their limit when I found in a corner an original, un-altered edition of “Pong.” Though this game may seem extremely simple to the younger generation, the playability of this game was still enthralling all participants.

Side-stepping the various vendors with a “Santa’s Grotto” of new and classic characters, games and expansion packs available, I continued to explore the other various activities and found row after row of card gamers. These involved a number of people playing a particular card game based on anime characters for example, and they would do battle to be crowned champion. This is a fast paced type of game and requires quick thinking and cunning and all of the participants were clearly in a trance during their game play.

Whilst all of this was continuing on around me, I was constantly bumping into great numbers of cosplayers. They ranged from Iron Man to the Mushroom Prince from Mario. It seems that players and fans of all genres have really embraced cosplay and their costumes ranged from the simplistic to the highly professional and incredibly screen accurate.

The afternoon commenced with my first ever LARP: Live Action Role Play game. This was a complex murder investigation involving many creatures such as Vampyres, Werewolves, Mage’s etc and ran for a number of hours. It was truly a memorable experience as I loved every minute of it as did too the other participants. (I won’t go into any details as this game may be running tomorrow)

That was Saturday, so what will Sunday offer I hear you cry?
Well, for anyone who has not yet registered and wishing to attend the final day tomorrow, you will first need to register. From there you will then be able to participate in any of the games/events taking place (please note though that some games are strictly 18 or over and will require ID to participate).

There will be more competitions for all types of games that I have previously mentioned; including a Star Trek LARP which I believe will be the highlight of the weekend.

Not too mention that for those who would like a change of pace, their will be the Masquerade Ball – a procession and competition of cosplayers all vying for a very well deserved prize.

There will also be trophies handed out for various other competitions such as card games, retro gaming and such. But don’t worry if you feel that your skills may not be of a competition standard, you can still spectate and trust me, it’s thrilling watching folks battle and be crowned “WINNER” as they complete their finishing move!

Well that’s my fun filled day over. Its been a pleasure both meeting and playing with my fellow gamers and I look forward to more of the same tomorrow. Its time for bed so that I can plan my moves, I mean play fair, tomorrow!

Once again, if you see a guy in a Following the Nerd red shirt, or perhaps even a classic “Kirk” yellow Star Trek Captain’s Shirt, say hello or maybe even a word or two of encouragement as I still need all the help I can get!

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