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Sallis hopeful of Drive movie sequel

June 3rd, 2012 by bash Comments

Collider has spoken with Drive author James Sallis about Driven, a sequel to his cult novel and the possibility that it could be made into a film.

The original centered on an LA stunt driver who moonlighted as a wheelman for criminals. With Driven having been on book shelves for a few months, Sallis spoke to the site about the book and a possible movie.
On Driver’s mentality in the sequel, Sallis said: “He is trying to suppress the violence – but the sequel shows the process of him accepting that this is who he is. He tries to become a normal person and re-invents himself. After his fiancée is killed, the violence is unleashed again.”
Talking about Gosling’s performance in the first film, he continued: “It was difficult not to visualise Ryan Gosling playing the role when I wrote the sequel. I think he really made the character his own. Of course, they made changes in the script – but it has the blood, heart and guts of the book – it feels like my film.”
Sallis also confirmed that Hollywood execs “love the book,” and hopefully it will lead to bigger things

Finally a little spoiler alert. Below is a synopsis of the new book

Seven years have passed. Driver has left the old life, become Paul West, and founded a successful business back in Phoenix. Walking down the street one day, he and his fiancee are attacked by two men and, while Driver dispatches both, his fiancee is killed. Sinking back into anonymity, aided by his friend Felix, an ex-gangbanger and Desert Storm vet, Driver retreats, but finds that his past stalks him and will not stop. He has to turn and face it.
Here is a link to the full interview

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