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San Diego Comic Con Day 1 highlights

July 13th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

San Diego Comic Con: Day 1

It really doesn’t seem a year has past since we at FTN HQ were literally foaming at our mouths with all the latest news, interviews and releases from this “Event of Events.” Well, the Nerd has once again descended upon San Diego to bring you all of the news, reviews, gossip, trailers and spoilers that will be unleashed upon the public this weekend. So let’s cracking with the highlights of…

Day 1
Before the doors had even opened for this weekend’s activity, our thoughts and condolences are with the family of Gisella Gagliardi, who was sadly killed by a car when crossing the street to keep her place in the Twilight talk.

It seems that each year at SDCC we get a little snippet or glimpse of an upcoming comic book film, and this year is no exception. With Judge Dredd due for release in September, there has been plenty of buzz. Karl Urban, the man who will be playing this new and hard-core reboot of Judge Dredd had this to say: “Working in this medium, it’s not like theatre, where you give a performance or tell a joke in a play and you get an instant response, and you can gauge if what you’re doing is appreciated or not. Quite often it isn’t until you go into this environment that you get an understanding of the appreciation that’s out there.” Already there have been some very positive reviews from fans that have already seen an early release of this, so we can hopefully relax as there doesn’t seem to be a repeat of Sylvester Stallone’s disaster. Early reviews have said it’s dark, violent and bone-crushingly violent, feeling like a grindhouse movie in parts. We’re sold!

Fans of James Bond will be overjoyed that there has been the first official picture released of Q from Skyfall. Ben Whishaw (Perfume, The Tempest) steps into this role replacing the late Desmond Llewelyn as the younger Q. Though plot details regarding this much loved character have been very thin, this picture at least reassures us that Q is still THE boffin at British Intelligence. (below)

Earlier in the week, we brought you several images that had been released for Mad Max: Fury Road. For me personally, I really, really, really (you get the idea) love the Mad Max trilogy. It is a perfect mixture or simplistic storytelling set in the near future with some of the most breath taking driving stunts ever filmed! Though Mel Gibson has nothing to do with this new film, for most fans, it is all about the vehicles. Well, from the brief glimpse we brought you earlier in the week of the Truck, in true SDCC fashion, we bring you FULL SIZE behemoth, and we say WOW!!! We’ve had the glimpse of the vehicles, now all we need is to see what Max is like please!

Now, SDCC is not just about film and television talk panels and trailers (these mostly start on Friday and Saturday); it is also the showground for the big manufacturers to display their upcoming merchandise lines:

With the upcoming Django Unchained to be released later this year, we have seen some of the very stylish T-Shirts that will be available. For those that remember the Pulp Fiction T-Shirts that we available when it was first released, you will remember the different varieties and that anyone of them was a MUST HAVE. Well, once again QT and his little bunch of merchandise elves have come up with some brilliant designs:

Staying with merchandise, we have already seen earlier this week movie tie-in figures for The Dark Knight Returns; well with The Hobbit still building momentum until its December release, Bridge Direct have released some great character figures.

This first wave includes Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and Thorin Oakenshield (with an exclusive INVISIBLE Bilbo Baggins only available at the SDCC this weekend):


Finally, no SDCC would be completed without some sort of release for the Star Wars fans. This year Sideshow are displaying their 1/6 scale Snowtrooper figure, complete with cold weather clothing, blaster, changeable hands, oh, and a MASSIVE Cannon!!
For fans of The Empire Strikes Back, you will instantly recognise this cannon as it is featured during the Millennium Falcon’s escape from Hoth Base, and we have to say that it looks fantastic. But hey, don’t take our word for it, have a look at these pictures and judge for yourselves:


The first day of any comic con is usually just for people to get their bearings round the event, and for organisers to give the public just a little taster of what lies in store for this weekend.
As always, we wont get told too much in advance as the studios and merchandising companies want to keep us in suspense as long as possible, but one thing is for sure, there WILL be surprises, revelations and shocks which will all come out at the interview panels.
As always, FTN will bring you the round-ups as they happen so keep tuned in for all the latest news, reviews, trailers and titbits!

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