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Savings to be made with Playstation Plus

June 27th, 2012 by MatthewMcKee Comments

It seems that June could be the best month to be a member of the PlayStation Plus in the UK.

As of right now PlayStation are gearing up to shower us with free games, so many in fact we won’t know what to do with them all. The best thing about it is that they are actually good games too.

As of right now (26/06/12) you can make the following savings (you may want to sit down for this):

– Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown was £9.99 now FREE

– Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Including Online Pass was £49.99 now FREE

– Chime Super Deluxe was £7.19 now FREE

– Darksiders was £11.99 now FREE

– Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD was £9.99 now FREE

– Little Big Planet 2 was £19.99 now FREE

– MotorStorm Apocalypse was £19.99 now FREE

– Infamous 2 was £49.99 now FREE,

along with many other mini games and interesting PS3 themes. That’s a total saving of £179.12

All that can be yours for a simple £39.99 yearly subscription so why wouldn’t you go for?

Furthermore Sony are adding new games such as Just Cause 2, Saints Row 2 and Ratchat and Clank all 4 One.

PlayStation Plus Membership Prices cost: Yearly membership £39.99 & 90 Day Trial £11.99.

What do you think of the PlayStation Plus and its promotions?

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