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Spider attack kills two people

June 4th, 2012 by bash 1 Comment

Two people have died after a swarm of venomous spiders invasded a town in India.

The Times of India is reporting that residents of the town of Sadiya, in Assam state, say that on the evening of May 8 as they were celebrating a Hindu festival swarms of spiders suddenly appeared and attacked them.

Over the next few days two people – a man a school boy – died after being bitten by the spiders with scores more turning up at the town’s hospital with spider bites.

District authorities said they are considering spraying the town with the insecticide DDT.

Teams of Indian arachnid experts have flocked to the town, hoping to identify the species, but so far they have drawn a blank.

They say it could be a tarantula, a black wishbone (pictured above) or even a funnel-web spider – or it could be a whole new species.

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